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The rehabilitation center operates according to the Functional Meditation Rehabilitation (FMR) method.

The unity and health of the physical and mental state of the body leads to the best results. During illness and injury, it is natural that objective anatomical and physiological differences are accompanied by spiritual differences. After all, we do not know what is wrong with us, how much we will recover and when, for how long we have to skip the usual work, leisure activities and sports. These issues are more pronounced for athletes, and the situation is even sharper for elite athletes. It is natural that it also causes anxiety and impatience.

Therapy with our patients takes place in a complex way accordingly. Utilizing the modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment available to us, the specialist and psychological examination is followed by the establishment of a therapeutic plan. Treatment is always personalized according to the principle of rehabilitation. In doing so, we discuss the discrepancies, the possible therapeutic solutions, and their timing, which we compile in consultation with the patient. Thereafter, the therapists begin the sessions, with periodic specialist check-ups and consultations. A priority area is the treatment of sports injuries. The healing of the injured area is not yet enough for the athlete to return immediately to resume daily sports or possibly elite sports. In this case, the muscles and body stamina must be developed from the normal state to the stamina position required of athletes. More specifically, during treatment, special attention is paid to maintaining the injured part of the body and the surrounding muscles while keeping the other muscles of the body in good condition. In accordance with the recovery, we will also start treating and exercising the injured area. As a result, the time of rehabilitation is shortened, and at the same time as recovery, physical performance will not be worse than before the injury. In addition to gradual and appropriate treatments, care should be taken to prevent recurrence of injuries. The basis of the treatment is physiotherapy. In doing so, we can use different forms of muscle relaxation, soft tissue treatment and muscle strengthening using different methods, of course according to the disease. In addition, the therapeutic equipment is used during the treatment, with which we relieve pain relief, muscle relaxation, muscle strengthening, circulatory repair, and during the iontophoresis.

These treatments are complemented by treatments that affect mental performance. If possible, the application of personalized methods and the application of relaxation techniques during individual conversations and treatments are even more important here.

Other relaxation options are available, such as sauna, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy.

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Király Rehab's range of services has been expanded with a new service, pedicure.