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Hotel guests can use the wellness department free of charge.


Opening hours:

5 p.m. - 9 p.m. every day


Our wellness department has three sauna cabins - infrared, Finnish and steam cabins.

The sauna is known to have a beneficial effect on the body. It stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies, strengthens the immune system, cleanses the skin. Time should also be devoted to the sauna itself and the subsequent rest, fluid and vitamin supplementation. Don't be in a hurry, don't rush - give yourself over to complete relaxation!

Steps of sauna:

  1. Take a shower: remove all dirt from your skin and then wipe it off because water on the surface of the body can prevent further sweating and evaporation.
  2. Choose a cabin: in our wellness department you can choose from three cabins. Always choose one whose temperature we can handle. We recommend the infrared cabin for beginners and the Finnish sauna or steam cabin for experienced saunas.
  3. Reserve a place: you can only enter the sauna cabin barefoot, without slippers, and take off your jewelry and glasses. During the sauna, a sheet or sauna towel must be spread under the entire body surface in contact with the sauna bench. Make yourself comfortable: lie down or sit and enjoy the sauna steam.
  4. Get out of the cabin: take a shower after 10-15 minutes of saunaing, then use the plunger. After cooling, always rest, while replacing the lost fluid with non-carbonated mineral water, 100% fruit juices, herbal or fruit teas. Before going back to the sauna cabin again, it is definitely worth relaxing for 25 minutes.

What you shouldn't do:

Do not drink alcohol while taking a sauna!
It is forbidden to eat in the cabins, plunge pool and jacuzzi and in the surrounding area!
Let's not go to the sauna when we are sick: we endanger not only our own health, but also the health of others!
Take the time to have a quality holiday - turn off your mobile phone! We enjoy the silence and preferably do not disturb others in relaxation as well.

In addition to the saunas, there is also an 8-seater jacuzzi for relaxation.







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Király Rehab's range of services has been expanded with a new service, pedicure.